Hello, I’m Christoph!

On this website you’ll find more information about my life and interests.

About me

Computer Scientist

Software Engineer, Web Designer & Developer


Trumpeter of “Stadtkapelle Vöhringen”


Freeletics Athlete, Volleyball & Tennis

My Interests


I started developing applications when I was 14 years old. From this point forward, I’ve continuously developed applications. I began with embedded programming in C/C++ and continued with Java as well as PHP in high school. For university and work I’ve learned multiple other programming languages like C# and Visual Basic.

“It’s interesting for me to discover new frameworks and programming languages as each of them differs a little bit.”


I achieved a computer science B.Sc. at University of Ulm which is a research oriented university in Germany. At this institution, I’ve learnt how to research in areas which weren’t explored before. In the course of my bachelor thesis, I researched in IT-security: I created a method to analyze NoSQL databases for security issues and discovered multiple vulnerabilities in common representatives.

“I think that research is very fascinating as it operates in areas which weren’t explored before. Without research, there is no progress.”

Web Design

It’s undoubted that a good website is important in order to sell or advertise products. An advanced and innovative web design helps to convince potential interested parties to have a further look at the online presence. But in my opinion, designing websites is also a lot of fun. That’s one of the reasons I designed multiple websites in the last few years.

“Web design is not only important for convincing potential costumers. In my opinion it is also a lot of fun.”